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DJ PM2theAM grew up in a small town in Latvia and already at young age he enjoyed buying music cassette tapes at the local market and later on play them at the local high school parties. Passion for music made him look forward and strive to much bigger city. He took his first musical steps at 2001 in Riga when he joined group Apofeoz Sound System and became one of it's MC members. While working at studio 1A Rec., many Reggae, Danchall, Reggeaton, Hip-Hop and R&B songs were produced and also released in both - Latvian and Russian music markets. At the same time Apofeoz Sound System performed at various festivals (such as Dance Summit, RIDE IT Summer Jam) and Latvian clubs what brought DJ PM2theAM closer to the musical stage and reaching the audience. At that time realizing that DJ'ing is the direction that he is the most passionate about and which he's good at made PM2theAM totally commit himself to learning and practicing DJ skills. DJ'ing through the narrow town venues, various DJ competitions (such as Discomania Cup, DJ Top Sessions), and experiencing countless sleepless nights DJ PM2theAM in recent years has become a resident DJ in several clubs and bars in the capital city of Latvia. He has also played in the best known clubs and events across the country. Through the years DJ PM2theAM has also visited the clubs of neighboring countries Lithuania and Estonia, as well as sunny Tenerife, where in 2011 he gave his Mash Up: Urban/RNB guest set in the island's biggest club - Tramps Tenerife. Currently, most likely you can run into DJ PM2theAM sets at such Riga nightclubs as RADIO BAR, EL DIVINO, PULKVEDIM NEVIENS NERAKSTA playing not only favorite Urban, House, Funk, Caribbean records, but also self produced MASH-UP versions, which are widely known also through the "Extreme Remixes" online store. DJ PM2theAM biggest influences and inspirations in the music business are DJ Scratch, DJ AM, DJ Whoo Kid, DJ Tony Touch (Tony Toca) and producers - DJ Premier, Diplo, Swizz Beats and A-Skillz. For more information: http://www.pm2theam.com/

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